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Pattaya Beach can get pretty busy, especially during peak times. If you still want to find a place to relax in the sun or enjoy the water, then the next best option is taking a trip to Koh Lan Island. Koh Lan, is located just off the shores of Pattaya.

Welcome to Koh Lan

Koh Lan is the perfect destination for a fantastic day on a remote island. You have a choice of one of the four main beaches on the island. Each of these beaches resembles something close to paradise. The soft white sands and clear blue waters are a major reason for its popularity. A highlight of visiting Koh Lan is the abundance of coral that can be found surrounding the island. Visitors from all over the world come here for snorkeling and diving. There’s a vibrant marine life to discover. And with its remote location, a lot of the natural beauty has been preserved.

There are also other favorite activities that enjoy on Koh Lan. You can find everything including jet-skiing, parasailing, and other typical beach sports. Although it’s a popular island for people visiting Pattaya, it doesn’t get nearly as many visitors as the Pattaya beaches. You’ll have more space for lounging on the beach or playing in the water.

Koh Lan is a popular day trip from Pattaya. It’s the most attractive island nearby. You can reach Koh Lan with just a 45-minute boat journey from the Pattaya shore. There are a few tourist venues on the island as well. There are places to dine, shop for souvenirs, or find items to accompany you on the beach. Koh Lan is known for its beauty, and you’ll indeed feel like you’re on vacation when you visit.


Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chon Buri 20150  |  just off Pattaya 

Opening Hours:

Daily    24 hours


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